Updated list of blocked websites in Egypt reveal false allegations by Egyptian authorities

29 May, 2017

The following figure is an updated and reviewed list of the websites the Egyptian government has consecutively blocked before days.

Checking the list, it is clear that it includes a number of websites that can not be deemed to have supported or incited terrorism- as described by some statements attributed to anonymous sources  that are supposed to be close to the Egyptian government, even according to less severe criteria. What criteria can be used to level charges of supporting terrorism against newspapers such as the economic-based websites“Daily News Egypt” and “ El-Borsa”, or “Al-Mesryoon” newspaper’s website, which are all licensed by the Supreme Council of the Press, this is in addition to the independent websites “Mada Masr” and “Arabi 21”?

These examples prove that the Egyptian government, by blocking these websites, seek nothing but to muzzle the mouths of its opponents and further seize its power on the press platforms that resist its domination.

Series Website’s name Link About the website
1 Mada Masr http://www.madamasr.com/ An independent Egyptian website broadcasting from Cairo. (Finally overcame the block)
2 El-Borsa http://www.alborsanews.com/ The website of El-Borsa economic newspaper
3 Daily News Egypt http://www.dailynewsegypt.com/ The website of the English- language newspaper “Daily News” that is published in Cairo and specializes in economicsd
4 Al Jazeera Net http://www.aljazeera.net/ A website affiliated to the Al Jazeera media network owned by the Qatari government
5 Arabi 21 http://arabi21.com/ A website released by the non-profit organization “Arab Thought Foundation”, under the support of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and Saudi Aramco
6 Al Sharq www.al-sharq.com/ A daily Qatari newspaper
7 Klmty http://klmty.net/ A Muslim Brotherhood-closed website broadcasting from Turkey
8 Horria Post https://horriapost.net/ A Muslim Brotherhood-closed website broadcasting from Turkey
9 Hasm https://hasamegypt.com/ The platform of “Swaad Masr” movement, which adopts violence against the Egyptian army and police and was banned by the Egyptian judiciary in 2017
10 Hamas http://hamas.ps/ Affiliated to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)
11 Ikhwan Online http://www.ikhwanonline.com/ The official website for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood group- (Adding “Info” instead of “com” allows you accessing the website)
12 Nafzt Masr (Egypt Window) https://www.egyptwindow.net/ A website broadcasting from Turkey, and is likely to be affiliated with the MB group
13 Cairo Portal http://www.cairoportal.com/ Affiliated with the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera network
14 Rassd https://rassd.com/ A MB-closed website that is broadcasting from Turkey
15 Al Arab http://www.alarab.qa/ The website of the Qatari newspaper “Al Arab”
16 Al Raya http://www.raya.com/ An Arabic daily newspaper based in Qatar
17 Al Watan www.al-watan.com/ Qatari daily newspaper
18 Qatar TV www.qtv.qa/ The official website of Qatar Television
19 Al Mesryoon https://almesryoon.com/ Released by “ Al-Mesryoon” foundation, an Egyptian joint stock company by Al Mesryoon daily newspaper- besides the website
20 The Huffington Post http://www.huffpostarabi.com/ Broadcasted from Turkey since 2015. It was released out of the partnership between the Wadah Khanfar, former director general of Al-Jazeera, and Arianna Huffington
21 Masr Al-Arabia http://www.masralarabia.com/ An Egyptian news website
22 Al-Shaab al-Jadid http://www.elshaab.org/ Released by the Istiqlal Party (formerly the new Labor Party)
23 Moheet www.moheet.com/ It is affiliated to the software company “Arabia Inform” that is owned by the Egyptian businessman Mohammed Aliyu

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